Changing the way people think about Mental Health and providing students with the tools to prevent a crisis.

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Reccommendation Letter from the President of the National Alliance of Mental Illness
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Anthony shares his personal story about surviving suicide and overcoming mental adversity to his audience. In elementary school he was bullied so bad he had to move schools. During his high school career he was stripped from his wrestling career after suffering a head injury and tearing both of his rotator cuffs. He fell into a deep depression and had to overcome self-harm and suicide. Not only did he survive but he thrived to become the person he is today.


Using his talents as a magician Anthony provides a visual presentation that brings the house down. His goal is to provide the tools necessary to deal with a mental health crisis and provide hope to those who are in need.



Topics include but are not limited too:




Suicide Prevention

Learning Disabilities


Community is Key


Anthony presents his speech every year at the Common Ground Legacy Breakfast. Both Common Ground, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Students Leading Students are raving about Anthony's metaphorical act.



Feedback about the show/speech: 


"While his message about constructive, creative problem solving was great, it was how he weaved the messaging into a very entertaining magic show that really brought the house down."  - Randy Root, Huron Valley Community Coalition


"I am a teacher at Sterling Heights High School. I want to thank you for what you are doing to raise awareness, understanding and compassion for mental health issues. I have struggled with clinical depression for nearly 25 years since the age of 15. Your presentation really touched me and brought me to tears. But you inspired me and helped me to realize all that I have overcome and continue to overcome.

Thank You Anthony! Keep up the great work!"

-Mark, (Teacher at Sterling Heights High School)


"Thank you so much Anthony!

Your performance was terrific. The students and the advisors enjoyed it very much." -Dawn Flood, Students Leading Students


"The entire assembly was fun, engaging, entertaining, and meaningful. Anthony Grupido is truly an inspiration and has a sincere ability to connect with others. His show is very appropriate and effective for any caring community or mental health awareness activity" 

- Santina Marshall, Oak Valley Middle School Counselor.






SEE Anthony LIVE:


Resident Magician at Jimmy John's Field in Utica! 


Anthony performed for over 100,000 people in July as opening act for Bill Engvall, Impractical Jokers, and his own headlining shows! 



Wednesday - Lake Orion Buffalo Wild Wings 5 to 8 p.m.  (Kid's Night)


Big Wave Sushi - Second Tuesday of each month.


Sundays: Rojo Mexican Bistro in Rochester, Mi. from 5 to 8 p.m.


Check out the new 'Keynote Speaking' and bring Anthony to your school so he can spread an important message among students.


Check out pictures from recent events and performances in my new photo gallery.

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